As We Remember A King…


Today Monday, January 21st 2019 we will again remember the life of a King, the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. The irony is that, this is now a Federal Holiday where workers are given a paid day off, while some federal workers have been denied there paychecks under a foregoing Government Shutdown. While congress, and the countries president determine how they will pay for a wall that will further divide us from a neighboring country, who hope to come and have access to livable wages to take care of their families, many are worried about bills going unpaid and dinner tables without food.



Think of the many who have since transitioned, after fighting for rights that every human being should have naturally. Have they fought in vain? Are we still having this conversation today because the worlds wealthy refuse to spread the wealth? Are we as humans beings unreasonable in our demands for a chance at a decent life with out, oppressive laws and trigger happy police? Have we failed? Can we get this right?

There are many issues to ponder as we remember the life and murder of a King, a man who had a family. A man who like many worked hard to protect his family and his community. A many who like most of us hoped to see a brighter future for his children.


We ask that instead of just pondering these issues, that you use the talents you were gifted upon your birth to step up and join us on this battle field. I know this sounds risky but in a W.A.R. there are casualties and your silence will not protect you. So we ask, what are you going to do?

Published by Akosua Akoben

I am a creative, this is unlimited in that creation changes by the second. I was born and raised in Cincinnati OH but currently reside in Louisville KY. In applying African Socialism one has to be of a global mindset, so therefore it takes a huge imagination to be a Black Female Sociologist, mother to a Black male child, wife to a Black Male, and a world changer! You can call me an "Afrofuturologist"!!

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