African Liberation: How Will We Get There?


Revolutionary Greetings readers, we are in the thick of Spring’s May flowers! We are recognizing the life and legacy of Omowale (“the son who has come home”)/ El Hajj Malik EL Shabazz also known as Malcolm X, and will be celebrating Afrikan Liberation Day in Cincinnati OH on the 25th and throughout this month within the Black Nationalist community. We will ponder on “How  Will We Get There?” Specifically how will we collectively obtain Afrikan Liberation?

On May 18th 2019 a Town Hall Meeting on Reparations asked  the question to an audience of about 20 and a panel of four community liaisons; “Should Amerikkka Pay?” Our beloved Shining Prince Baba Omowale aka Malcolm X stated at the 1st Afrikan Liberation Day also known as Afrikan Freedom Day  April 15th 1959 in Harlem NY;

“Only after agreeing who the common enemy is could our darker Brothers unite against him and make faster strides toward freedom.” Source


Many don’t won’t to admit who the common enemy is, and the atrocities committed historically on Black/Afrikan people worldwide. Making the efforts for justice and reparations difficult. So this rightfully brings us back to the question of Liberation for Black/Afrikan’s world wide; “How?”

Malcolm X At The 1st Afrikan Liberation Day in Harlem  

Storytelling has been a tradition in many cultures, as a means to inspire youth, pass down the history of their people, and give guidance in times of peril. Imagine a people who no longer remember those stories and are forced to use a doctrine taught to them by the very people that damned them to a lifetime of enslavement. Do you consider their future bleak, hopeless, doomed, or destined for failure? If so, consider Denmark Vesey, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Queen Nanny of the Jamaican Maroons, Ida B Wells etc… Black/Afrikan People in Amerikkka who resisted oppression and inspired their people to demand their liberation and the liberation of Black/Afikan people everywhere.

malcolm x quote

This generation has the same abilities within, they are feed up and want more for themselves and their people. They are the how, and can be reached via music, movies, comedy, and the spoken word. This month take the time to reflect on the future and begin preparing for a new world free of oppression and injustice. Believe that we will get it right this time around, that we will get there together, rather the oppressive forces relent willing or unwillingly. Uhuru Sasa (Freedom Now)


Published by Akosua Akoben

I am a creative, this is unlimited in that creation changes by the second. I was born and raised in Cincinnati OH but currently reside in Louisville KY. In applying African Socialism one has to be of a global mindset, so therefore it takes a huge imagination to be a Black Female Sociologist, mother to a Black male child, wife to a Black Male, and a world changer! You can call me an "Afrofuturologist"!!

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